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  • Key sustainability issues are among the top 10 business risks

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DiiGEM consulting supports companies across sectors to identify socio-environmental trends and mitigate the resulting risks to their businesses.

We collaborate with clients to build resilience to these risks by not only responding but implementing adaptive strategies to capture the business opportunities hidden within those risks.

Through these opportunities, our clients create positive long term economic, social and environmental impacts within their businesses and for wellbeing of the society.

Some Sustainability Issues

Youth Unemployment Challenges.

Do you know?

There are 202million unemployed people and the youth make up 17%

87% of that number resides in developing countries

Skills mismatch, technology advancement and inadequate education

are attributed to youth unemployability

causing a loss of human capital and an easy target for criminal and religious activities


Do you know?

Toxic pollution is the number 1 cause of deaths in the world.

It kills more than HIV, Malaria and Tuberculosis combined

Cost of evironmental pollution to businesses* in developing countries is estimated between $80bn to $230bn annually


Do you know?

Extreme weather conditions have had immense impact on

food production, security & freshwater access.

By 2025, the United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organization predicts that two-thirds of the world’s population could be living in areas of water stress.

As climate change effects and CO2 emissions worsen, organisations are held

accountable for their
environmental footprint

For the financial sector, its two fold – theirs and their clients

Regulatory pressures have mounted for banks to finance projects that adopt positive environmental and social objectives

Failure to do so has prompted regulatory sanctions, business disruptions, reputational risks, boycotting, loss of capital and market share

The business landscape is set for significant disruption...

Organizations would need to...

Understand the potential emerging issues
Set strategies and capabilities to adapt to these changes
See opportunities for competitive advantage

Our Services

ESMS Design and Implementation

We work in the financial sector to develop systems for managing environmental and social impacts associated with investments and financing decisions.

Corporate Environmental Footprint Management

We support our clients to identify, track and report on environmental footprint. This assessment enables clients comply with regulatory obligations while reducing costs and improving internal efficiency.

Sustainability Strategy Design & Implementation

We assist organisations to integrate sustainability risks within their strategic planning process. This entails defining a long term sustainability vision that aligns with business goals in a way that creates lasting value, builds capabilities and maintains competitive advantage

CSR Realignment

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as we know it, is evolving from philanthropy to delivering business results. With our support, organisations can align CSR activities to business and social & environmental goals to equally mitigate E&S risks, enhance reputation and create measurable value.

E&S Trends and Industry Reports

Our trends report raises organisations’ awareness of specific socio-environmental issues in their operating sectors. This level of insight increases risk awareness and elucidates on available business opportunities for forward thinking organisations.

In-house Trainings on Sustainability and E&S Risks

We facilitate trainings to create sustainability awareness and support internal capacity building along E&S risk management.

Sustainability Reporting

Reporting is one of the most important channels for an organisation to divulge information about its understanding of E&S risks and its approach for implementing a sustainability strategy. We can assist your organisation to design a sustainability reporting system to track, measure and manage feedback from your stakeholders into your organisation’s sustainability strategy.

Social Investment Strategy Design & Implementation

For organisations seeking an efficient and cost effective approach for implementing social investment initiatives, we will assist you with identifying social investment priorities and designing a social investment strategy that aligns with your organisation’s investment objectives and values.

GRI Certified Training Program

The GRI Certified Training Program prepares participants in coordinating a sustainability reporting process. Participants acquire an overview of the reporting process, develop insight into what actions to take, and are made aware of the potential challenges and benefits of sustainability reporting.

Our Guiding Principles

Socio-environmental issues are systemic

We believe that a business operates within a dynamic social system, is highly vulnerable to changes that occur within other elements of the system and, as such, cannot stay independent to environmental and social vulnerabilities.

Collaboration is key

We believe that the nature of socio-environmental risks and the multidimensional impacts on organisations require more than the typical methodologies and frameworks approach that traditional risk and business consulting provide. Creating innovative and adaptive solutions requires greater collaboration within organisations and across sectors to stay ahead with environmental regulations and generate insights on social trends that is becoming more prominent in our evolving landscape.

Reducing our footprint

We believe in being role models and setting an example for our clients by managing our environmental footprint. As such, we adopt efficient and eco-friendly initiatives that guide our approach to delivering projects and in our lives.

Three tier solution

We believe that with our understanding of socio-environmental risks, insights into our clients business and partnerships, we can support organisations to remain competitive while creating transformative businesses that positively impact the environment and society.

Triple Success Measure

We believe that the true value of any organisation is measured by economic, social and environmental indicators. Operating in a social system, an organisation must ensure that it has unlimited access to human and natural resources to support its business operations and that its consumers are economically and socially stable to purchase its goods or services. This relationship ultimately necessitates a three pronged approach for defining and measuring corporate performance.

How we work

Because we understand the complex and systemic nature of socio-environmental risks and its capacity to negatively impact business along multiple dimensions, our team is comprised of a multidisciplinary group of professionals with a mix of skill set and experience who have worked across financial, agriculture, oil & gas, SME, and other sectors, to assist companies with integrating socio-environmental considerations in their business strategies.

Also, despite socio-environmental issues being unique to local environments, we acknowledge that some vulnerabilities are peculiar to markets that possess similar economic, social, cultural and environmental structures. For this reason, we have built partnerships with highly respected teams of international professionals working in similar markets in areas of research, academia and shared value innovation to benefit from different strengths, perspectives and best practices relevant for our target markets.

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Sustainable firms are those doing the best job at creating net wealth–economic, social, and ecological–as compared to their peers.

Toby Heaps, Corporate Knights
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